Author: april

ok finally, a brand new post on the blog! i’ve been so busy with work and my son, i haven’t been able to post a makeup look in a while! i will try to be more consistent, i promise!! anyhoo, here is a look i looooove–my passport pictures!! of course since i have to look […]

cleaning up this weekend and i came upon two additional boxes of these tarte holidaze deluxe discovery sets so i thought it would be a great way to do a review as well as have my very first giveaway! 2 lucky followers will get a set absolutely free! instructions to enter below. each set comes […]

love this soft, romantic smoky eye makeup look perfect for dinner date with bae at a classy spot. the key is to go lighter with the lips so all focus goes to your sexy, come-hither eyes. lashes are a must for this look to be complete *insert non-existent lash emoji here …. when are those […]

yaaaay, another free printable poster is up! let it be a daily reminder to you  that you are the only one in charge of your own destiny. a lot of times we second-guess ourselves for fear of failing, getting denied or looking stupid—and so what?!! do it anyway!!  your life, your growth and your 90-year old self will thank you! […]

love this shimmery look and it would be perfect for a fancy night out or a nice holiday party. eyeshadow is dior and it’s a nice, cushiony-soft eyeshadow that i am obsessed with! you get just enough sparkle and practically no fall-out. for lips, we used kat von d’s everlasting matte liquid lipstick and the […]

kat von d’s uber popular make-up line used to be exclusive to sephora but i was pleasantly surprised to see you can now also purchase them directly from her website! yaaaayyyy, no more waiting until the end of time when a color is sold out at sephora! now on to my review: kat von d’s […]

i love masks. clay masks, charcoal masks, collagen masks, gel masks, fiber masks–you name it, and i probably have it (or ten). in fact, i have a charcoal mask on right now as i type up this post. they’re just so great for a little self-pampering when you can’t get to a spa for a […]

as a single parent and full-time working mother, it’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life and forget myself sometimes. there’s always laundry to wash, food to cook, rooms to clean—not to mention the everyday struggle of getting isaac dressed every morning and fed fast enough so that i can […]

love me some dark, vampy lips every now and again. neutral grey-ish pink eyes since bold lips are the focus and i also tried lashes double stacked for the first time and it gave me liiiiiiiifffee! truth be told, it was kinda heavy though, you might notice my eyes are a little droopy, lol. double […]

that’s all i have to say about this lipstick palette. yes, at $75, it is a little pricey but if you actually break it down and do the math, it actually is a great deal and you don’t feel as bad about how much you spent a full-size smashbox be legendary lipstick retails for $21 […]

you know how sometimes you’re having a bad day (hair included) but your makeup is poppin’ so you just have to take a selfie? well, today was one of those days so excuse my stank face got my makeup did (as i like to do) and i was really feeling the smoky eyes. and the […]

in latin, it means “seize the day.” a more literal term would be “pluck the day (for it is ripe).” has there ever been a time in your life where you wanted something, yet didn’t do anything about it? maybe out of fear or worry? maybe because you failed once (or a couple of times) […]