mask on, mask off

by april

i love masks. clay masks, charcoal masks, collagen masks, gel masks, fiber masks–you name it, and i probably have it (or ten). in fact, i have a charcoal mask on right now as i type up this post. they’re just so great for a little self-pampering when you can’t get to a spa for a true facial (or at over $100+ a pop, you can’t afford to). tip: use a dense, thick, pointed foundation/concealer face brush for an easier and more precise application. origins has a great line of face masks (this isn’t a sponsored post i swear ) and i break down a couple of what i use below:

  • origins clear improvement face mask (shown in pic) – one of my main, go-to masks. although my skin isn’t really sensitive, it does break out from time to time and this mask helps prevent them. i also have an oily t-zone and charcoal is not only great in cleaning out skin and pores but also help to mattify it as well. once (twice max) a week is usually enough for me and it’s a part of my sunday-get-ready-for-the-week routine
  • origins out of trouble face mask – if i do get a break out due to stress or air pollution (i do live in la ) or god just punishing me for that day, this is what i use for 10-15 minutes usually for 1-3 days straight until my break outs subside and i have clear skin again. it is a god send and doesn’t smell very good because it has sulfur in it, but hey, it works so i’m all about it. use only as needed
  • the outer perimeter of my face is normal/dry so for that, i use origins drink up face mask to give me some hydration. drinking lots of water also helps (duh). did you know that when you’re dehydrated, your skin goes into overdrive and actually produces more oil to try and help compensate? so unless you like looking like you dipped in your face in crisco, drink lots of water.  like 8 glasses a day. or get on my level and drinks gallons. so what if you have to get up from your office desk every 10 minutes to pee? you just have another excuse to get up and not work duhhh
  • if you wear a lot of makeup like me and are tired all the time, sometimes you do a crap job cleaning your face at night and your skin starts looking boring, dull and grayish. no bueno. for that, origins ginzing face mask helps refresh your face plus it feels icy-cool nice! i should use this a lot more than i already do. right now i only use this once a week, but i should really use this more often in the mornings during the week when i need a bright, pick-me-up and i don’t want to go to work

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