by april

as a single parent and full-time working mother, it’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life and forget myself sometimes. there’s always laundry to wash, food to cook, rooms to clean—not to mention the everyday struggle of getting isaac dressed every morning and fed fast enough so that i can make it to my corporate job on time  then coming home at a semi-decent hour from work, getting him fed, doing homework with him—there’s just not enough hours in the day! that’s why i think it is so important for me (as well as other moms) to have some personal kid-free time to ourselves now and again. whether it’s brunch with the girls, a happy hour with co-workers or even taking some spin classes, yoga or baking classes—moms need and deserve time to ourselves. to unwind and let our hair down. to learn something new. to fuel our passions. to keep the wild in you. after all, we were all something else before we were parents.

before i was a mother, i was an entrepreneur and owned several different companies (in e-commerce, real estate and tax consulting) so running 1000 mph was normal for me. once i had isaac, i had to learn to slow down and stay home to care for isaac. it was a real adjustment period for me because i was so used to running around getting sh!t done and doing my own thing that being contained at one place for hours on end (stay at home mom) was difficult for me and i felt caged in. don’t get me wrong, i love being a mom, but the day in and day out of staying home all day, breastfeeding, cleaning, changing diapers, babbling with the baby, walking around the park kinda took a toll on me  i mean, how many unintelligible conversations can you really have in a day with your baby? lol  i probably could’ve done a better job of connecting with new moms at the park but i didn’t and my family lived about an hour from me so i couldn’t easily see them when i wanted to. don’t forget to do things for you too!


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