mad af but makeup poppin’

by april

you know how sometimes you’re having a bad day (hair included) but your makeup is poppin’ so you just have to take a selfie? well, today was one of those days so excuse my stank face

got my makeup did (as i like to do) and i was really feeling the smoky eyes. and the best part is it’s all from one palette! urban decay’s naked smoky palette is so amazing–the pigments are great and it’s great to just take one palette on the go and not have to bring so many different eye products when you’re running late, as i also like to do. and nothing frames a smokey eye better than a fleeky, on-point, arched-and-carved-for-the-gods eyebrow. also, im obsessed with matte lips so i tried out ciate’s liquid velour lipstick and i likey! it has good color output and has staying power, although it kinda starts flaking after a couple of hours so you need to re-apply, which doesn’t really bother me because i re-apply every couple of hours anyway whether i need it or not because i’m wasteful like that


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